Activity No. C3

“Mobile and Smartphone pedagogy in LWUL teaching” Place of event: Prague, Czech Republic Event hosted by ITC International in Month 11.
Trainers: Smriti Vasistha & Premysl Morgan Vacek
Objectives: This training is meant to help participants to create an inclusive, personalised learning environment and to use mobile and smartphone devices for them and not against them. Participants will also have the chance to experience how learning can be enhanced by using different mobile and smartphone apps, quizzes, audio and presentation files.


Activity No. C2

“Social media and web platforms in LWUL teaching” Place of event: Italy, Florence; Organised in Month 8 of the project, hosted by Europass;
Trainer: Tatiana Speri, teacher-trainers from Europass;
Participants: 2 LWUL teachers/partner (10 in total);
Objectives: Participants will take part in small practical group tasks which will show them how to incorporate technology into their lessons to make them more effective and enjoyable. Emphasis will be placed on the most popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as well as on web platforms such as YouTube, Prezi, Pinterest, Google apps. Participants will learn about privacy and the safe use of social media, student versus
teacher roles and digital classroom management. By the end of this course, participants will know how to use social networking platforms and web 2.0 to share their work, create groups, use free resources and apps and cooperate with others online.

Activity No. C1

“E-learning for LWUL teaching” Place of event: Romania, Cluj-Napoca; Organised in Month 5 of the project, hosted by BLSH.
Trainers: will be involved both from BLSH (expert in Moodle) and Europass (expert in Edmodo): Marc Alan Pillich-Wright – language and ICT teacher, technical staff of BLSH, sustained several internal training events in using Moodle in language classes; created the “online Bridge” platform for teachers; Tatiana Speri – language teacher and trainer within Europass, has a wide experience in using Edmodo in classes;
Participants: 2 LWUL teachers will be involved from each partner institution. In the case of Europass one more teacher will participate besides the trainer.
Objectives: – Participants will learn how to incorporate e-learning into their lessons to make them more effective and enjoyable; – Participants will also learn how to build learning activities around their content (like quizzes, polls, assignments and group activities).